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Monthly Upate

April has been such a weird month. We had locked the front door and didn’t really know what to do from there. We had missed out seeing all our friends at the last few events of the season. We love going out and doing events and bartering our snacks for fun items other people have and catching up with everyone so that was a bummer. I had for once been on the ball and made Easter candies but had a closed store...

 About a week before Easter I put up a post selling Easter Gift Boxes and I was so surprised they wwere a hit! I was hoping just to use up the Easter candy I made but everyone was so supportive I had to make even more! It was great seeing people for curbside pickup and delivering and shipping boxes! I had always had a website but honestly about sales were every now and then on the site so to be able to wake up and see people costing the site and purchasing items was so cool! 

 I wanted to start putting together boxes for Mother’s Day or other gifts. I never knew how much I’d really truly enjoy going and delivering boxes people ordered for friends or family it’s really a treat. I wish I could figure out a way to show the loved one the others excitement when they open the door to a surprise gift.

Another exciting part for me is trying to include many of my lovely friends I met at markets in the gifts that are going out  like Yuma Candle  Company, Mama Bella Hot Sauce, Relentless Coffee Company, Desert Farm Company , Dye-verse Creations, Herb and Floral.

I hope everyone stays healthy and happy and makes it through this difficult time. I just want to put out there I really appreciate everyone that orders something or comments or likes our social media posts everything helps right now and it’s just really lovely seeing everyone’s support.

On a side note my mom got me a amazing Easter present... A cotton candy maker! More to come on that later but I have lots of ideas! 

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